Entry #1

New NG Page!

2012-10-11 22:15:14 by LiberalShimmering

What's up Newgrounds? I'm back from the dead! Back-From-Purgatory told me that it was ok if I made a new User Page. I''ve already uploaded a few new tracks and re-favorited all my Favorite Flash. Gonna take me a while to re-favorite all my favorite music though. :\ Anyways, please feel free to leave me reviews. :)

Anyways, I'll leave you with this. Fond memories.... 8-) RIP DJ-Delinquent!

Track Info:
Artist: DJ-Delinquent
Tracks: Delinquent 103 & Delinquency
Delinquent 103: Unknown
Delinquency: Silent Hill - Tears Of....


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2012-11-16 14:21:00

hey snew