New Album Coming Soon! :D

2012-11-17 11:30:45 by LiberalShimmering

I've got a new album in the works. It's going to be mostly 8-bit themed Hip Hop. Sorta lo-fi 80's-type shit. Keep on the look out. I'll probably release it next year. Maybe in the Spring. Who knows... 5 tracks are done already. Links below. Anyone interested in doing cover art? Drown's cover art is amazing. The album's working title is 'Go Kill Yourself'. The title track will probably come last. If you need any more info just throw me a PM and your q's will be answered.

Tracks done so far:
Go Kill Yourself (
U 'n I (
Uno Minuto Skanking ( [Cover of a Mr. Oizo track]
Pricklesnake (
Gagging on Rotten Penguin Meat (


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2012-12-20 20:31:45

Good luck with your album brutha; let us know when you release it!


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2013-03-13 16:28:44

looking forward!