New Bandcamp Page

2013-08-24 16:16:55 by LiberalShimmering

Hey all, guess what? I have a Bandcamp Page now!

Figured it was time to try and get out there more, plus, this gives me chances to try and sell my beats. The album up right now (Apocalypse) is one that's been in the works since 2011. (Some of the tracks are up on here as well.) I finally got off my ass and mixed and mastered all the tracks. I also edited some of them so as to included the start-stop technique I've become accustomed to using lately.

Check it out and leave a comment here telling me what you think.

"An album based around death and decay, it is quite the sound to behold and may be too much for some listeners to handle in one sitting."

New Bandcamp Page


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2013-08-24 17:24:34


LiberalShimmering responds:

What does 'dasd' mean?