2016-08-05 22:36:50 by LiberalShimmering

It's been a while since my last new post.


I figured I'd show you these bars in the meantime.


New album in the pipes, gettin' ready to drop some knowledge at the end of the year.


Come hold my hands kids and eat these delicious treats;
Asthmatic tactics, microscopic maggots crawl across a beach;
Broadcast profilactics are mayhaps broken synpases and breasts in vials;
Periodically twiddle and toddle, lain over miniscule tiles;
Methodically swallow, until no tomorrow
Beds and pillow you borrow, in filth you no longer wallow;
Weak drones permeate from next door, from the parents room come low moans;
You sleep with help from some headphones;
Meek groans saturate, drums wreak floors, aggravate;
Apparate, evaporate with proper calculations, evaluate;
Chokin' on some train weed, feigning plain complacency;
Inane and also vain, this is white-trash supremacy;
Areolas pulsate, tissue growing, imaginary grow rate;
Hope they turn out better than great, albeit smaller than fakes;

Salutations, hopeful for inner palpatations
Lavish shit for the nations, take a gander at these stations;


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2016-12-11 11:28:50

wring yourself out

LiberalShimmering responds:



2017-08-10 22:46:56

yo, that last beat you dropped was lethal
i mean it, your the shit like dung beetles
raw, chopping drums like saw arms
im alarmed at how dangerous you work
mind of a serial killer usurp by music?
don't let that stop you from causing a panic
at a shopping mall, when you finish your cinnamon roll
do a barrel roll and mow down all the peeps
you creep, best dnb ive heard all week

(Updated ) LiberalShimmering responds:

I am working on a track with the amen, dnb/jungle coming through the pipes.
Thanks for the love.