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Awesome! Very surreal; I wonder whom put the protagonist in the rejuvenation chamber...

Great soundtrack as well!

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TaraGraphika responds:

I wonder...

Thank you and thank Mr. Kyte.

Fuckin' awesome! Never gets old! :D

If only I could get away with this in real life. Sadly, my voice is WAY too deep. :(

Then again, practice makes perfect! ;)

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Crunchlins responds:

Haha, I might add that the voice I put on, wasn't convincing in the slightest but somehow worked ^_^

Thanks for watching!

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This was fun, until my ADD kicked in. ^_^

Was fun until I got to the end... lol Nice game overall.

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I feel like the second instance of the hook is not as good as the first or third, but that's just my opinion. The internal rhyme schemes are awesome and expertly placed, so that makes up for the negative opinion.

The beat could be better to be honest. I hear clipping, which is either due to the loud and low audio quality of the beat and the vocals. Actually it is the vocals clipping. Need assistance mastering? I wouldn't mind helping out. :)

"A bar away from a country song//
I lost my car, my job, and I lost my dog"

Did you lose your canine companion recently? Condolences in regards to that last bar in this couplet.

With the theme being IDK, is this another one of those tracks wherein you're trying to get back into the hang of rapping again? I feel like I've heard much better than this from you in the past.

All in all, not bad.

8/10 4/5

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Teqneek responds:

So basically what you're saying is give up. WELL TOO BAD LIBBY SHIMMZ, I'll probably be doing this til I'm 146 years old.

And yeah I had to put my 12 year-old beagle down recently. It sucked. The vet showed up and I was still sleeping so his knocking woke me up. . I dashed out of bed to meet him at the door, and in a matter of 2 minutes the deed was done.

So- due to my oversleeping, I never really got a chance to give my dog a proper goodbye. It was really sad for me because my dog was the only thing that stuck by my side through every shitty moment in the past 12 years. She deserved a better send-off than that

Dem horns tho!

Dope sample!

Needs something more tho...

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KingSandy responds:

you right tbh

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Great animation!

The track isn't available on YouTube or Bandcamp... Is it up anywhere else?

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Carrion responds:

Fixed the link in the description!

This is fire! (No pun intended, haha.)

Excellent piece! Great job on the shading. This must have taken a little while, yes?

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